Professor Lim Soo Kun

Professor Lim Soo Kun

Professor Lim Soo Kun


Professor of Medicine & Consultant Nephrologist


University Malaya Medical Centre



Special field of interest

Kidney transplant, Chronic Kidney Disease


Title: HLA Incompatible Kidney Transplantation Strategies & Challenges
Body: Kidney transplantation is the best treatment option for patients with end stage kidney disease. However, a significant percentage of patients are unable to receive a kidney transplant due to presence of donor specific antibody. This is often termed as highly sensitised or HLA incompatibility which put the recipients at higher risk of kidney graft rejection and less likely to receive a transplant. HLA incompatible kidney transplantation (HLAiKT) has emerged as a viable option for patients who are HLA-incompatible with their potential living donor. However, this procedure presents unique challenges that require specialized expertise, careful evaluation and management. This talk will discuss the various strategies used in HLAiKT, including desensitization protocols and paired kidney exchange programs. The talk will also explore the challenges encountered during HLAiKT, including the risks of antibody-mediated rejection, infectious complications, and the management of immunosuppression. The presentation will provide insights into the current state of HLAiKT, including recent advances and ongoing research. The audience will gain an understanding of the importance of individualized treatment planning and multidisciplinary care in achieving successful outcomes in HLAiKT.
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