Pre-Congress : 27th May 2022 (Friday)

0730 - 0820 Registration
  Deceased Donor Management & Procurement
Chairperson: Hasdy Haron / Foo Hong Zhi
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 1
Hematological Transplantation
Chairperson: Sharifah Shahnaz / Ho Kim Wah
Venue: Selangor Room
Kidney Transplantation: Role of dialysis Paramedic
Chairperson: Mohamad Zaimi Abdul Wahab / Muhammad Iqbal Abdul Hafidz
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
0820 - 0830 Course Overview Course Overview Course Overview
0830-0855 Full time Donor Coordinators: Is it worth it?
Foo Hong Zhi
Neutropenic sepsis in HSCT
Teoh Ching Soon
Overview of kidney transplantation in Malaysia
Rosnawati Yahya
0855 - 0920 Donor Detection: Making it a Practice in Melaka Hospital
Foo Hong Zhi
Nursing role in prevention of infections in HSCT patients
Siti Fazilah Ramli
Why Living Kidney Transplantation ?
Yee Seow Yeing
0920 - 0945 Extended Criteria Donor for Liver
Manisekar Subramaniam
Utilizing Infections Biomarkers in HSCT Patients
Helmi Sulaiman
Staff nurse, Can I go for kidney transplantation?
Lydia Kamaruzzaman
0945 - 1000 Q & A Q & A Q & A
1000 - 1030 Coffee Break
1030 - 1055 Organ Donation Request
Hasdy Haron
COVID in HSCT and haemato-oncology patients
Ong Tee Chuan
What do potential kidney transplant recipients need to know?
Suryati Yakob
1055 - 1120 Becoming Donor Transplant Coordinator
Low Lieh Yong
Vaccination after HSCT - When, which and why?
Ho Kim Wah
Who can be a living donor? How do I ask?
Maisarah Jalalonmuhali
1120 - 1145 Medicolegal and Deceased Donation
Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi
Role of clinical pharmacists in the management of infections in HSCT patients
Kong Su Shan
How do I keep my patients fit for transplant?
Lim Soo Kun
1145 - 1210 Assisted Flight for Organ Donation Activity in Malaysia
Roslan bin Aziz
Management of donor and recipient with Hepatits B
Syuhada Dan Adnan
1210 - 1235 Stress Management for Healthcare Professional (Part 1)
Nurul Hidayah Mat Sarip
Prevention of antimicrobial resistance – is it possible?
Petrick @ Ramesh K. Periyasamy
Life after Kidney Transplantation: My Journey as KTR
Khairul Shazwali Taib
1235 - 1300 Q & A Q & A Q & A
1300 - 1430 MSD Lunch Symposium (MSD)
Challenges in CMV Management in HSCT Recipients: Prevention, Resistance and Safety Consideration
Bor-Sheng Ko
(Chairperson: Sharifah Shahnaz )

Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
1430 - 1455 Stress Management for Healthcare Professional (Part 2)
Nurul Hidayah Mat Sarip
Update on the management of difficult to treat Gram negative bacterial infection
Petrick @ Ramesh K. Periyasamy
Malaysian Kidney Allocation System (MyKAS): What do you need to know?
Mohamad Zaimi Abd Wahab
1455 - 1520 Management of Invasive Fungal Infection during the COVID Era
(Astellas Sponsored Lecture)
Kwong Yok Lam
Malaysian Kidney Allocation System: (Practical Session)
Choo Cheh Loo
Yee Seow Yeing
1520 - 1555 Post Donation Care: Who, What, When & How
Hasdy Haron
Invasive Mould Infections in HSCT Patients: What we know so far about the Management of IMI
(Pfizer Sponsored Lecture)
Samir Agrawal
1555 - 1620 Case Presentation
Teoh Ching Soon
1620 - 1645 Q & A Q & A Q & A
1645 Coffee Break

Day 1: 28th May 2022 (Saturday)

0730 - 0830 Registration
0830 - 0900 Plenary 1
National Transplant Program: Where are we and Where are we heading to?
Dato Dr Asmayani Khalid
Chairperson: Hirman Ismail
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
0900 - 0930 Plenary 2
Legacy of Hope: Beyond Giving
(Chairperson: Sharifah Shahnaz / Haniza Omar )
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
0930 - 1000 Opening Ceremony
Dato Dr Asmayani Khalib
Chairperson: Suryati Yakob
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
1000-1030 Coffee Break
  Free Paper 1
Venue: Selangor Room
Chairperson: Yoong Boon Koon
Free Paper 2
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Room
Chairperson: Lydia Kamaruzaman
Recent Advances in Transplantation
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
Chairperson: Suryati Yakob / Esther Tan
Management of End Organ Disease
Venue: :Putrajaya Ballroom 1
Chairperson: : Hasdy Haron / Teoh Chee Kiang
10.30 - 1055
Click here to view schedule
Click here to view schedule
The Clinical Utility of High Resolution HLA Tissue Typing
(Immucor Sponsored Symposium)
Jasmeet Kaur
Deceased Donor Detection
Hasdy Haron
1055 - 1120 Immune Monitoring in Liver Transplantation- The Role of Quantifying Interfero
(Qiagen Sponsored Symposium)
Tess McClure
Deceased Donor Management
Abdul Jabbar Ismail
1120 - 1145 Non-Invasive dd-cfDNA Assessment in Renal Transplant: Opportunity for Injury Detection and Intervention
(ScienceVision SponsoredSymposium, Speaker Supported by CareDx)
Suphamai Bunnapradist
Promoting Deceased Donation in Malaysia: What is the role of HCW?
Fahami Ahmad
1145 - 1200 Q & A Q & A
1200 - 1225 Donation After Cardiac Death: Can We Do It?
Tengku Alini Tengku Lih
Early identification of advanced heart failure: When to refer for cardiac transplantation
Azmee Ghazi
1225 - 1250 Protecting Transplant Patients in Fight against COVID-19
(FC Bios Sponsored Symposium)
Dave Lowe
Selection criteria and evaluation for cardiac transplantation
Teoh Chee Kiang
1250 - 1300 Q & A Q & A
1300 - 1400 NOVARTIS Sponsored Lunch Symposium
Speaker: Rosnawati Yahya
Chairperson: Maisarah Jalalonmuhaili

Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 1
ASTELLAS Sponsored Lunch Symposium

Kidney Transplantation during the COVID 19 Pandemic
Speaker: Lee Ju Han
Chairperson: Muhammad Iqbal Abd Hafidz
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
Venue: Selangor Room
Chairperson: Azizan Sharif
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Room
Chairperson: Yoong Boon Koon / Noor Aliza Mutalib
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
Chairperson: Toh Charng Chee / Maisarah Jalalonmuhali
Management of End Organ Disease
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 1
Chairperson: Lim Soo Kun / Hirman Ismail
1400 - 1425 Overview of Haploidentical HSCT: Local experience
Tan Sen Mui
Bee Ping Chong
Chang Kian Meng
Impact of COVID-19 pandemic in liver transplantation
Mohanasundram Pillai
How do I evaluate potential paediatric recipients with urological abnormalities?
Susan Woo
Kidney Transplantation in Malaysia
Rosnawati Yahya
1425 - 1450 Donor selection and Preparing for Haploidentical HSCT
Chang Kian Meng
Machine Perfusion in Liver Transplantation
Glenn Bonney
Kidney Donor Nephrectomy: Open, Laparoscopic & Robotic Laparoscopic: What, Why and Who?
Murali Sundram
Kidney Transplant: Identifying and Preparing Suitable Recipients
Suryati Yakob
1450 - 1515 Management of donor specific antibodies in haploidentical HSCT
Sharifah Shahnaz
Liver Transplantation versus Palliative care in ALF : The turning point Thamara Perera Post-Transplant hydronephrosis: How to approach?
Vijayan Manogran
Preparing Living Kidney Donors
Muhammad Iqbal Abdul Hafidz
1515 - 1530 Q & A Q & A Q & A Q & A
1530 - 1600 Coffee Break
1600 - 1625 Who should get haploidentical HSCT - Indication of Haploidentical HSCT in current era
Bee Ping Chong
Perioperative Care and Intraoprative Challenges in Liver Transplantation - The Anaesthetist Perspective
Loh Pui San
Recurrence of Disease after Kidney Transplantation : Special Consideration in Management
Lim Soo Kun
Identify Advanced Lung Disease and Deciding Optimized Options of Therapy
Swee Wai Leong
1625 - 1650 Impact of COVID-19 pandemic to HSCT activity - local and internationally
Tan Sen Mui
Case Presentation
Hoo Chai Zhen / Dayang Azzyati
Kidney Transplantation in HIV, HBV and HCV Patients : A lost opportunity
Wong Hin Seng
Evaluation and Selection Criteria for Lung Transplantation
Swee Wai Leong
1650 - 1700 Q & A Q & A Q & A Q & A
1730 Malaysian Society of Transplantation
Biennial General Meeting
1930 Faculty Dinner
(By Invitation Only)

FREE PAPER Day 1: 28th May 2022 (Saturday)

Free Paper 1:
Selangor Room
Free Paper 2:
Kuala Lumpur Room
1030 - 1040 Diagnostic Components of Sarcopenia in Kidney Transplant Recipients - Prevalence and Associated Factors Study in A Single Center
Ooi Shok Hoon
Donor-derived Cell-free DNA Among Allograft Protocol Biopsy at University Malaya Medical Centre
Maisarah Binti Jalalonmuhali
1040 - 1050 Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation (ASCT) in Multiple Myeloma: A Retrospective Single Centre Analysis
Chong Shu May
COVID-19 Antibody Titres Following Completion of Second Dose SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Among The Kidney Transplant Recipients
Maisarah Binti Jalalonmuhali
1050 - 1100 Death with Graft Function after Kidney Transplantation: A Single Centre Experience
Siti Hafizah Mohammad Ismail
Factors Associated with Low Antibody Responses Among Kidney Transplant Recipients
Maisarah Binti Jalalonmuhali
1100 - 1110 A Retrospective Study on The Success Rate of Chemotherapy-based Stem Cell Mobilization in Combination with G-CSF in A National Transplant Centre in Malaysia
Andy Tang Sing Ong
Reversing Myelofibrosis with Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant: Hospital Ampang Experience
Wong Tien Gen
1110 - 1120 SGLT2 Inhibitors Use in Kidney Transplant Patients - A Retrospective UMMC Experience
Ahmad Azhar bin Abdul Rahim
BK Virus Infection in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Single Centre Experience
Go Zher Lin
1130 - 1140 Impact of Delayed Graft Function and Outcome of Cadaveric Kidney Transplant: A Single-Centre Experience
Ong Yu Chen
Conversion to Everolimus in Kidney Transplant Recipients: Our Experience in Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Lee Sze Yin
1140 - 1150 Utilisation of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Treating Transplant-Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy: A Single Centre Retrospective Cross-Sectional Cohort Study
Wong Yih Seong
Cinacalcet Use in Persistent Hyperparathyroidism in Post Renal Transplant Recipient- A Retrospective Observational Study in Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Heng Yik Shan
1140 - 1200 Correlation Between 24 Hour Urine Creatinine Clearance, Estimated GFR and Measured GFR with DTPA Renal Scan in Living Kidney Donors
Devamalar Simatherai
Clinical Outcome of Calcineurin Inhibitors-free Maintenance Immunosuppressant Regime in Kidney Transplantation - A single Center Experience.
Kar Wah Fuah
1210 - 1220 Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Dr Jamuna A/P Radha Krishna
A Retrospective Descriptive Study of ABO-incompatible Kidney Transplantation in Perspective of Cost: HKL Experience
Foo Geong Taat
1220 - 1230 The Use of Recombinant Parathyroid Hormone Therapy in A Kidney Transplant Patient with Severe Hypocalcemia
Premila Peraba
Incidence, Risk Factors and Outcome of Cytomegalovirus Infection in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Single-Center Experience
Uvanesan Kathiravelu

Day 2: 29th May 2022 (Sunday)

0900 - 0930 Plenary 3
High Risk Recipient and Marginal Graft
Thamara Perera
(Chairperson: Mohanasundram)
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
0930 - 1000 Plenary 4
Clinical Governance in Transplantation
Melvyn Anthony Edwards
(Chairperson : Vijayan Manogran)

Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
1000 - 1030 Tea Break
  Heart & Lung
Venue: Selangor Room
Chairperson: Teoh Chee Kiang / Nazeri Nordin
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Room
Chairperson: Haniza Omar / Yoong Boon Koon
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
Chairperson: Yee Seow Yeing / Mohamad Zaimi Abdul Wahab
Management of End Organ Disease
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 1
Chairperson: Teoh Ching Soon / Chandramalar T Santhirathelagan
1030 - 1055 Heart Transplant : Past, Present & Future
Nazeri Nordin
Tele-hepatology in liver transplantation
Tan Soek Siam
COVID infection and vaccine in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Steven Chadban
Malaysia Stem Cell Registry
Masita Arif
1055 - 1120 Long Term Care of Heart Transplant Recipient
Teoh Chee Kiang
Psychological Issues Post Transplant
Mark Dinesh Muthiah (NUS)
Cardiovascular Disease and Death after Kidney Transplantation
Helen Pilmore
Curing cancer with stem cell transplantation
Azizan Sharif
1120 - 1145 Controversies and Challenges of Ventricular Assist Device Therapy
Teoh Chee Kiang
Recipients with NAFLD
Ruveena Bhavani
Healthy Eating After Kidney Transplantation: What do we mean?
Teong Lee Fang
Long Term Follow Up After HSCT
Sharifah Shahnaz
1145 - 1200 Q & A Q & A Q & A Q & A
1200 - 1225 VA EMCO Adverse Events and How to Achieved Successful Management and Long Term Outcomes
Suneta Sulaiman
Bile duct stricture post transplantation
Lee Tiong See
Managing diabetes after kidney transplant: Anything new?
Sunita Bavanandan
Corneal Donation & Transplantation In Malaysia
Chandramalar T Santhirathelagan
1225 - 1250 Current Status of Lung Transplantation of Malaysia
Ashari Yunus
DPMAS for bridging Liver Failure
(Ceremedic Sponsored Symposium)
Zhou Li
Debate: Should we transplant obese ESRD patients
Maisarah Jalalonmuhali & Toh Charng Chee
Bone Transplantation in Malaysia: Human Bone Banking and transplantation
Azura Mansor
1250 - 1300 Q & A Q & A Q & A Q & A
13.00 - 14.00 NOVARTIS Sponsored Lunch Symposium
Pushing The Frontiers In Kidney Transplantation

Lim Soo Kun
Chairperson: Yee Seow Yeing
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 1
ROCHE Sponsored Lunch Symposium
Dissecting the Transplant Ecosystem: Gaps, Challenges, Priorities

Ghazali Ahmad, Hirman Ismail, Surasak Kantachuvesiri
Moderator: Maisarah Jalalonmuhali
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
Venue: Selangor Room
Chairperson: Chandramalar T Santhirathelagan
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Room
Azura Mansor
Organ donation
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 2
Chairperson: Hasdy Haron / Muhammad Saiful Asyraff bin Marzukhi
Management of End Organ Disease
Venue: Putrajaya Ballroom 1
Chairperson: Noor Aliza Mutalib / Mohanasundram
1400 - 1425 Corneal donation during COVID-19 pandemic
Chandramalar T Santhirathelagan
Clinical Use of Femoral Head Allograft In Joint Replacement Surgery
Azlina Abas
Development of Organ Donation Quality Management System in China
Wenshi Jiang
Overview of liver transplantation in Malaysia
Haniza Omar
1425 - 1450 The Journey of Corneal Transplantation & Eye Banking
Shamala Retnasabapathy
Long Bone Allografts In Orthopaedic Surgery
Prashant Narhari
Counselling the Donor Family Death of the Recipient Immediate Post Transplant
Sumana Navin
Selection criteria and evaluation for liver transplantation
Noor Aliza Mutalib
1450 - 1515 Corneal surgery and Keratoconus
Siti Nor Roha Daman Huri
Bone allografts in orthopaedic surgery
Faissal Yassin
Practicing Telemedicine in Organ Donation: Efficiency in Coordination
Wenshi Jiang
Indication in Paediatric population
Foo Hee Wei
1515 - 1530 Q & A Q & A Q & A Q & A
1530 - 1600 Coffee Break
1600 - 1625 DSAEK Hospital Sg Buloh Experience
Che Mahiran Che Daud
Case Discussion
Azlina Abas / Prashant Nahari / Faissal Yassin
Covid 19 and Deceased Donation: Experience in UMMC
Yap Mei Hoon
Introduction of MyNOW
Murnilina Malek
1625 - 1650 Corneal Transplant in Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis
Rohanah Alias
Azlina Abas / Prashant Nahari / Faissal Yassin
Ethics in Tissue Donation
Hasdy Haron
1650 - 1700 Q & A Q & A Q & A Q & A
1700 Prize Giving Ceremony
Bon Voyage